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Having a bright, straight smile will enhance your self esteem and confidence, and quite possibly you will end up with a better job making a higher salary. There is actually scientific research showing just that! (Diener et al 1995)

Index of Cosmetic Dentist Procedures:

Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Bonding
White Composite Fillings Dental Crowns
Porcelain Veneers Inlays and Onlays
Dental Bridges

Scottsdale Teeth Whitening

Our Dental Center offers laser teeth whitening along with professional take home Scottsdale teeth whitening kits. The laser option is amazing – in one single visit, you can achieve a movie star grin in one hour! Up to 16 shades brighter.

The take home teeth whitening kits also achieve an incredible brightening to your teeth in a few days. The first impression you make will be astounding, and your self confidence will dramatically increase.

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Cosmetic Bonding

One of the easiest cosmetic dental procedures that can improve the quality of your teeth is Cosmetic Dentist Scottsdale AZcosmetic bonding. As long as the damage to your teeth is not substantial, you can use this restorative procedure with a Scottsdale dentist to repair teeth that are cracked, chipped, stained, or decayed.

The Scottsdale and Phoenix dentists at our Dental Center bond a composite resin material that resembles the natural coloring of teeth, to the tooth and to improve its shape. Once the desired shape is achieved, the tooth is polished. The entire procedure is completed in a single Phoenix dentist visit. The Arizona dentists can perform cosmetic bonding on one or more teeth.

White Composite Fillings (Tooth Colored Fillings)

Cosmetic Dentist Phoenix AZ

Tooth Colored Fillings completely resemble your natural tooth.

When a dental examination determines that you have a cavity that can be remedied with a dental filling, you will be asked about your preference by the dentist in Scottsdale. Since many people want to maintain the natural look of their teeth, our Dental Center offers white composite fillings.

These fillings provide the same durable quality as other types, but are designed to match the natural coloring of your teeth. As with any type of restorative dental procedure, the best dentist in Scottsdale will prepare the tooth for the procedure. This preparation includes performing a thorough cleaning of the tooth.  While you wait, the Phoenix dentist will combine the materials to create the filling. They will then fill the cavity and make any necessary adjustments for a perfect fit.

Dental Crowns

In those cases where the Scottsdale dentists at our Dental Center decide that a cavity requires a more extensive solution, they may recommend a dental crown.  A crown is designed to fit over a damaged tooth.

The procedure to add a crown typically requires the dental patient to schedule two appointments. During the first appointment, one of the  Dental Center Phoenix dentists will take an impression of the tooth that is to be covered and use that impression to create a crown.

The dental patient will receive a temporary crown until the laboratory completes the final one. On the follow up appointment to the Scottsdale AZ dentist office, the dentist will fit the crown over your tooth and secure it in place.

Cosmetic dentist Phoenix AZ

With well done porcelain crowns, the teeth look and feel completely natural.

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Porcelain Veneers

Chipped, decayed, crooked, or stained teeth—there are very few dental problems that a veneer won’t solve. The  Scottsdale dentist can use these thin, transparent coverings to turn an unpleasant smile into one that is beautiful by placing porcelain Cosmetic dentist Phoenixveneers.

The dentist Scottsdale AZ offers porcelain veneers that are added in two steps. The first step is for the dentist Phoenix AZ to learn what exactly you want the veneer to accomplish. You generally able to select your desired option.

After the Scottsdale dentist has a good understanding of what you want, he will start the process to create a mold of the tooth.  In the second step the porcelain veneer will be added to the tooth with a special dental adhesive to create the look you specified during the initial visit.

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Inlays and Onlays

Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale

Here’s how an inlay looks.

Whether or not you need an inlay or an onlay depends on where the damage to the tooth exists. If the damage is isolated to the top of the tooth (the biting surface), you probably need an inlay. If the sides of the tooth are damaged, an onlay is the solution a Scottsdale cosmetic dentist at the  Dental Center would probably recommend.

Inlays and onlays must fit properly. To ensure they do, the Phoenix cosmetic dentist will create an impression that is used to make the onlay or inlay.  On a subsequent appointment, the dentist will add the inlay or onlay to the tooth.

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Dental Bridges
Phoenix Cosmetic DentistA dental bridge is an excellent option for replacing a group of missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of false teeth that are attached to a metal frame that is affixed to nearby teeth by a Phoenix AZ dentist.

Since a dental bridge must be custom-made, the procedure requires two visits to the Phoenix dentist. The initial visit is basically the preparation phase. When this portion of the procedure is done you will have a temporary bridge. When your permanent bridge is ready, you will see the Scottsdale AZ dentist to have them fit properly in place.

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The  Dental Center offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments. Whether you have an idea of what you want or you want to learn about your options, the Arizona dentist office is ready to help.

For more information on any of the cosmetic dentist procedures at our Dental Center or to schedule with the best cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale and Phoenix, call today (480) 466-0980.

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